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Burn injuries can be very serious personal injuries

Posted on Feb 9, 2016 by in Personal injury attorneys in New York |

Accidents happen everywhere, and on every single day of the year. Many times, these accidents are preventable. Burn injuries are among the most serious personal injuries someone can endure. A good example is going to get a fresh, hot cup of coffee at a local store and the lid isn’t on correctly when handed to you ,and it burns you from your arm down your leg. You need emergency help and who is at fault for that? Not you, surely. That’s why you need to know the facts when it comes to personal injuries and your options. Burns are serious and require special care and time to heal. It’s always an expensive healing process.

The American Burn Association states that there are 3,400 burn injuries in the United States each year. Of these, 2,550 of these deaths are a result of residential fires. 300 of these deaths result from vehicle crash fires. The remaining 550 resulted from other causes, such as flames, electricity and others. That’s a lot of preventable injuries. In the city of New York, burn injuries are some of the worst types of personal injuries someone can experience. People need to always be aware of their surroundings and always keep in mind all hot or boiling substances. Always look around to see potential dangers in your path. You never know when an accident could be around the corner.

Every year, 486,000 burn injuries receive medical treatment. This estimate is derived from federal surveys looking at hospital admissions and visits to hospital emergency rooms. That’s a lot of people getting injured. Sometimes, accidents happen. That doesn’t mean someone isn’t responsible for your personal injury. In New York, burn injuries are sometimes considered personal injuries and may be awarded money based on numerous factors in your case.

Many people still die from terrible burns that could have been prevented. About 265,000 fatalities occur from burns per year. The majority of these occur in low and middle income countries. Non-fatal burn injuries people suffer from are a leading cause of morbidity. Burns are preventable, and occur mainly in the home and workplace. That means that those deaths were preventable in almost every single case. Always make sure to stay alert and aware of hot stoves, machinery, or hot steam. Burns can happen at any single moment in many different scenarios. Because burns can happen in so many different places and situations, always stay alert and think ahead of possible tragedies or terrible accidents.

In the beautiful city of New York, burns can occur without warning and result in a personal injury for life. If this happens to you, seek help immediately. After that, you need an attorney who understands your personal injury. Some lawyers may not take you seriously or truly listen to your situation. Many don’t have the knowledge and proven record. You need the reassurance of a name backed by 70 years of experience serving the greater New York area. Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson and Friedman have the proven record to guarantee a successful result for you.